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Double Registered Males For Sale

Yes! You heard it correctly ... we are selling high quality breeding and show stock. We have A LOT of fantastic breeding males that will be for sale! Great strong genetics, phenotype, head style and everything else you want in your breeding program! We have an abundance of males out here on the farm and I guess it's time for them to do some work as our barn is getting rather full. Some of these will be our loss but your gain! Enquire about any of our males to see which one is right for your breeding program.

We are having a massive blow out sale on alpacas as we just have too many wonderful males and can't use them all. Instead of them wasting away and not benefiting the alpaca industry we have decided to have a sale so they can improve other herds. Our herd is all double registered breeding stock that can benefit any alpaca program. We have done very well in the show ring so all the alpacas are competitive and of high quality so now let these boys work for you! Call us today to reserve your favorites!

Yup! We dream of alpacas... we are always looking for that "perfect paca"! Conformation, long lasting fineness, density, staple length, and so much more!
Dreamin' Alpacas is located in central Saskatchewan. We are just 20 minutes north of Saskatoon.. just east of Hague.
We are a family run farm... we together with our children take care of these beautiful majestic creatures. We also provide a home to Altra Nova Alpacas as these alpacas are owned by Loretta's sister, Diane Unruh.
Here at Dreamin' Alpacas we strive for our alpacas to provide elite fleece in color and quality. Also with outstanding bloodlines to produce champions with exquisite fibre.
Alpacas gave our family something to do and best of all we can do it together! We hope you enjoy our alpacas as much as we do!